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myofasciale release ballen

Description :

FaciaMaster No. 5 myofascial release balls specially developed for pain management, muscle relaxation, myofascial release and self-massage.

See product details for video guidance.



example videos                                                            

The milk method                                   

Shoulder mobilisation exercise

Shoulder stabilisation exercise

Self-treatment shoulder/chest

Self-treatment neck

Self-treatment spine (thoracal-lumbar)

Train your legs

Self-treatment buttock region

Elbow pain



Myofasciale massage ballen (16cm). Speciaal ontwikkeld voor fascia-behandeling, yoga-oefeningen, massage en fysiotherapie


voorbeeld videos

De melkmethode

Schouder mobilisatie

Schouder stabilisatie

Zelf behandeling triggerpunten schouder-borst

Zelf behandeling triggerpoints nek

Zelf behandeling rug (borst-onderrug)

Train je benen

Zelf behandeling bil

Elleboog pijn

FasciaMaster No. 5 Myofascial Balls / Foamrolling balls (16 cm)

€39.00 Regular Price
€27.30Sale Price
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  • Product Details

    FasciaMaster No.5 Myofascial Balls for professional and non-professional usage. The FasciaMaster ball is specially made for the clinic. This is implemented in pain management and self-help. The ball itself features a soft top layer and a dense inner core that allows you to work over and around bony areas. Suitable for pain management and body maintenance. Use the milk method for treatment.

  • Additional information

    Weight 0,594 kg
    Dimensions 16 × 16 × 16 cm
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