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2recov4 offers a range of solutions to make your work more enjoyable and less painful (for therapists and clients).

Arthrosis in the hands is one of the complaints therapists can get later in life.

Our professional tools are practical and durably designed, which makes the therapist’s work easier and better.

We look for solutions for patient quality of life improvements.

2recov4 also offers solutions to improve patients quality of life, so their health improvement is not limited to the treatment sessions. We offer a range of products that can be personalized for the specific needs of your clients. We think that people should be in control of their own health.

The company has been set up by Alexander Kudus, with more than 25 years of experience as a therapist in the fields of physiotherapy, acupuncture dry needling, musculoskeletal sonographie, MLD therapie, FMS , Fasciatherapy…..).

triggerpoint tool treatment
My mission is to bring quality in the life of therapist and clients.
alexander kudus

Alexander Kudus

Alexander Kudus has been working for over 25 years as a physiotherapist in his privat practice in the centre of Amsterdam. His interest in myofascia started in 1995 when he followed a triggerpoint course in Zurich. In the following years he attended multiple international workshops. Alexander is  a musculoskeletal sonographer and EMG surface electromyography specialist. This further fueled his passion for fascia. He is specialised in fasciatraining.s, At present Alexander is a clinical epidemiology trainee.

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