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Access to the website
  • All information, both in the form of text, files and images as in any other form, is provided by 2reco4 and made available only as an informative title.

  • Any interested person may take note of this information, but 2reco4 reserves the right to change the rules and conditions regarding access to the use of the website at any time in its sole discretion, without prejudice to any prior warning or to limit the entire website or parts thereof.

  • Access to such private sections of the website may be subject to the provision of information by the visitor/user of the website. The visitor/user providing this information explicitly agrees that 2reco4 owns this information and that by disclosing information to 2reco4, the latter gets explicit permission to use information by the privacy policy of 2reco4.

  • Providing access to the private section of the website of 2reco4 Through the use of usernames and passwords, at all times, 2reco4 is changed or refused without this being subject to any damages.

Liability with regard to the information displayed
  • The whole information as found on the website of 2reco4 in the form of texts, documents, images, databases or others, will be published by 2reco4 and made available without any warranty or warranty due to 2reco4 concerning availability, availability or adaptability for commercial or private purposes.

  • 2reco4, therefore, does not assume any liability regarding using the texts, documents, images or other information contained in this website or terms of performance.

Present links
  • To visit the website of 2reco4. For ease of use, links to third-party websites were made.

  • The visitor is free to use these links or not.

  • Any damage resulting from the proposed links is therefore excluded from any liability of 2reco4 now; it does not provide any warranty regarding the use of these third-party sites or the information provided on these sites.

  • The website user who finds that a link on the website is incorrect or would not work may at any time report to 2reco4.

  • 2reco4 reserves the right to make new links at any time or remove existing ones.

Protection of intellectual property rights
  • The logo, as well as the company name of 2reco4 belongs to its own copyright and may not be reproduced or displayed under any circumstances without permission from Fasciamaster.

  • The presence of other trade names or brand names or the website of 2reco4, shall be subject to the express consent of the proprietors.

  • 2reco4, nevertheless, does not bear any responsibility for the presence of information on its website that could potentially infringe on third-party intellectual property rights.

  • Parties who believe that their intellectual property rights have been violated by unauthorized use of their work on the website of 2reco4, are kindly invited to the fastest 2reco4, which will then do the necessary removal of the infringing material at least temporarily from the website.

Privacy Policy
  • To provide information by 2reco4. To enable the visitor to access the website, the user may be asked to share personal information such as name, email address or telephone and fax number, which identifies the user.

  • 2reco4 needs this information in order to provide its services, obtain billing information or respond to information, or, if necessary, notify the user of exceptional values.

  • 2reco4 respects the privacy of this personal information and has built up sufficient security to protect this information.

  • More information about this Web Policy can be obtained at the following email address: info at

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