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Description :

Cross friction fascia tool. Suitable fascia tool for fasciatherapy but also for normal cross friction.


Description :

Fascia Master No. 2.1
Material: medical steel

Height: 133 mm

Weight: 118 grams

Grip diameter: 9 mm



How to clean and how to hold

Liquify the fascia 

Cross friction massage

Deep tissue massage

FasciaMaster No. 2.1

VAT Included |
  • Product Details

    FasciaMaster No 2.1 is a friction tool an improvement of No 2.0. It is shorter than the No.2.0 and has a better grip. With a rough surface, making it easier for physios to make short quick movements on the spot that warms up tht tissue - “liquify fascia” -.  Due to its ergonomic design, it’s easy to grip, and the tool is sturdy without being too light. The Fascia Master stick is made of Medical Grade Stainless Steel.

  • Additional information

    Weight 0,118 kg
    Dimensions 13,3 × 1,5 × 9 cm
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